Fall 2021 Employer Poll: Covid Response

However unfortunate and frustrating, the Covid-19 health emergency and it’s related challenges remain with us as we head into fall and winter. 

With this realization, Chaffee County employers are taking new actions to address the long-running pandemic. Case in point: This set of new policies put in place by the leadership team at Monarch Mountain, one of our county’s largest employers. 

We suspect that this is just one example of many, showing the wide range of approaches employers are taking to manage ongoing Covid-related challenges.

In partnership with Chaffee County Public Health and the Community Leadership Roundtable, we’re seeking to hear how other employers are responding to the ongoing pandemic generally, how you’re addressing related issues with your employees and customers, and what help you may be seeking from leadership at the county and state level. 

Please take a few moments to respond to this short five-minute poll to help us understand the measures being taken or contemplated to address the ongoing health emergency: