Workforce Development & Training

A Workforce That Can Meet The Needs Of The Local Economy

The Chaffee County Economic Development Corporation works directly with area employers to ensure that the Chaffee County workforce can meet the needs of the local economy. Working with partners such as Colorado Mountain College, CU Leeds School of Business, and Regional Sector Partnerships, the CCEDC can develop and facilitate customized business trainings to provide relevant, timely, and effective workforce development opportunities.

Workforce Development Trainings

-Transition to Supervision and Management
-Management Basics
-Customer Service Basics
-Microsoft Excel 101
-Entrepreneurial Bootcamp (Two-day seminar and interactive event)
-Entrepreneurial Leadership (Bi-annual, meeting monthly from Fall-Spring)

 Career Development and Youth Initiatives

-Spartan Heights construction program, Salida High School
-Unmanned Aerial Systems operator training course, Salida High School
-Careers Module and Mock Interviews, Chaffee County High School, Buena Vista
-Careers Module and Mock Interviews, Horizons Exploratory Academy, Salida
-Student Job and Career Fairs, Salida High School
-Student Job Fair, Buena Vista High School

Regional Higher Education Providers

Colorado Mountain College

Western State Colorado University

Adams State University

Do you have a specific training need for your business? Please complete the How Can We Help Form and we will contact you directly to discuss potential opportunities.